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Achievements for notdNetHack

There are 78 achievements tracked for notdNetHack in the Junethack tournament.


entered Astral Plane

entered Elemental Planes

obtained the Amulet of Yendor

performed the Invocation Ritual

obtained the Book of the Dead

obtained the Bell of Opening

obtained the Candelabrum of Invocation

entered Gehennom

defeated Medusa

obtained the luckstone from the Mines

obtained the Sokoban Prize

escaped in celestial disgrace

That was the easy one (obtained at least one alignment key)

Through the gates of Gehennom (obtained at least three alignment keys)

Those were for replay value... (obtained all nine alignment keys)

Kroo's Bling (Acquire the dismal swamp completion prize)

Punishing Poplars (Acquire the black forest completion prize)

Snowplow (Acquire the ice caves completion prize)

Gillywhatnow (Acquire the archipelago completion prize)

An Unknown Ritual (Perform the ritual of an unknown god)

Angry Librarian (Kill Illurien of the Myriad Glimpses)

Duo of Pain (Acquire both the silver key and the cage key)

If The Shoe Fits... (Pay for an armorsmith service)

Not Pulling Punches (Land a punch with all 4 offensive mystic powers active)

Garnet Rod (Land a hit with a garnet tipped spear)

Inked Up (Get a tattoo in The Sigil from Fell)

New Races. New Faces. (Ascend either a salamander, a symbiote, or an etheraloid)

No budget for bribes (killed Asmodeus)

Postulate Proven (killed Demogorgon, thereby proving the Lord British Postulate (if it has stats, we can kill it))

dNethack Tour: Played a game (at least 1000 turns) with all the shiny new races/roles in dNethack

Relics of a bygone era (Opened one type of hellish seal)

There are a lot of theseā€¦ (Opened all three types of hellish seal (across all games played))

No fate (Ascended an Anachrononaut and saved the future)

The other side of the sky (Ascended a Binder)

Deus ex machina (Ascended a clockwork automaton)

Bat outa hell (Ascended a chiropteran)

Snow in heaven (Ascended a yuki-onna)

Three halves (Ascended a half-dragon)

Second thoughts (Completed a drow shared quest loyally before completing the traitor's quest)

Illuminated (Learned every word of creation and accumulated 30 passive syllable bonuses)

Exodus (Ascended with a pet android commander or operator android)

Super Fighting Robot (Acquried all clockwork upgrades (except high-tension spring))

Hunter of Nightmares (Defeated at least one of each of the secret insight bosses)

Two Keys (Ascended having only touched two alignment keys)

Quite Mad (Suffered from at least 6 madnesses)

Booze Hound (Maxed out your drunkard score by drinking at least 90 potions of booze)

Does this count as a paradox? (Destroyed Lamashtu (Demon Queen of the future))

A universe without motion (Destroyed Baalphegor)

Detestable gods (Completed Bokrug's ascension ritual)

The Elfdalorian (15+ upgrades on a set of imperial elven armor)

Walking international incident (Completed the revised archeologist quest)

Serpent slayer (Completed the revised caveman quest)

Sentence commuted (Completed the revised convict quest)

Into the crystal cave (Completed the revised knight quest)

Back from the future (Completed the anachrononaut quest)

Glory to mankind (Completed the android quest)

33 spirits (Completed the binder quest)

Not so inconceivable (Completed the pirate quest)

Not so spoony (Completed the bard quest)

Rebellion crushed (Completed the base noble quest)

Family drama (Completed the hedrow noble quest)

On agency (Completed the hedrow shared quest)

Foreshadowing (Completed the drow noble quest)

Old friends (Completed the drow shared quest)

Durin's Bane's Bane (Completed the dwarf noble quest)

Battle of (5-4) armies (Completed the dwarf knight quest)

Strongest of all time (Completed the gnome ranger quest)

Driven out (Completed the elf shared quest)

Ripple-resistant tower (Completed the law quest)

Key to the (corpse) city (Completed the neutral quest)

Asinine paradigm (Completed the chaos temple quest)

Chasing after the wind (Completed the mithardir quest)

Fossil of the First Age (Completed the mordor quest)

Oh good. I'm not crazy. (Completed the madman quest)

Plague of stolen lives (Completed healer quest)

Twisted by dreams (Completed drow healer quest)

You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance (Completed monk quest)