NetHack Cross-Variant


Summer Tournament

Running from 1 June until the end of 30 June 2013

Welcome to the NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament site!

Are you ready to embark the Dungeons of Doom? To kill all your enemies and EAT their corpses? Collect all the treasures the earth has to offer? Ready to challenge the mightiest demons of Gehennom and battle the mighty Wizard of Yendor? BADASS enough to travel the Heavens themselves while kicking angels in the face?

Then play NetHack.

And also play in the NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament.

News and Info

You can view the results of the Junethack 2011 and Junethack 2012 tournaments.

You can view the tournament rules at the Rules page.

You can view the competitions and trophies up for grabs at the Trophies page.

Games played on the servers listed on the Servers page are eligible for the tournament.


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