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Achievements for HackEM

There are 47 achievements tracked for HackEM in the Junethack tournament.


entered Astral Plane

entered Elemental Planes

obtained the Amulet of Yendor

performed the Invocation Ritual

obtained the Book of the Dead

obtained the Bell of Opening

obtained the Candelabrum of Invocation

entered Gehennom

defeated Medusa

obtained the luckstone from the Mines

obtained the Sokoban Prize

escaped in celestial disgrace

entered Quest Home

consulted the Oracle

never abused alignment

You Are War! (defeated Death, Famine, and Pestilence)

defeated Death

defeated Famine

defeated Pestilence

defeated Cthulhu

defeated the Wizard of Yendor

No membership card (defeated One-Eyed Sam)

Make War Not Love (defeated Aphrodite)

defeated Vlad the Impaler

No Further Knowledge Required (defeated the Oracle)

Assault on Fort Knox (defeated Croesus)

Mini-Croesus (finish a game with at least 25,000 gold pieces)

Croesus' buddy (finish a game with at least 100,000 gold pieces)

Better than Croesus (finish a game with at least 200,000 gold pieces)

defeated Asmodeus

defeated Baalzebub

defeated Demogorgon

defeated Dispater

defeated Geryon

defeated Juiblex

defeated Orcus

defeated Yeenoghu

defeated Graz'zt

defeated Lolth

defeated Baphomet

defeated Mephistopheles

defeated Tiamat

defeated Vecna

defeated Kas

defeated Cerberus

defeated the Rat King