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NetHack Cross-Variant


Summer Tournament


Rules here are sensible and even generous. Staff make the final decision if something's not clear.

Please don't:

  • crack into a game server and add fake games or bones.
  • exploit vulnerabilities in a weak random number generator.
  • exploit memory corrupting bugs.
  • use disconnection at critical spots to hide a death from logs.

Feel free to:

  • pudding farm.
  • start scum. All games escaped or quit within the first 10 turns are hidden on the games tables.
  • look at player dumplogs.
  • watch ttyrecs of previous or current games.
  • use NetHack playing bots or so called "augmentation" tools like Interhack.
  • exploit well known game bugs (eg, Astral call bug, floating wand wresting trick, gold duplication bug, artifact naming trick, etc). Some of these may be fixed on some servers.
  • make multiple accounts.
  • in general, anything the game says you can do.