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NetHack Cross-Variant


Summer Tournament

This is the NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament. It runs annually during June.

NetHack is a classic roguelike game. If you don't know what that is, try using a Google search.

You can check out tournament rules from the rules page.

There is a list of available trophies and competitions on the trophies page.

This tournament utilizes existing public NetHack servers, such as There are servers in both sides of the Atlantic for low latencies. People not living in Europe or Americas may find it harder to find a low latency server.

Our points of contact are the #junethack IRC channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network, the nethack subreddit, and newsgroup.
There’s also a dedicated discord channel #nethack-junethack on the Roguelikes discord channel which is synced with the IRC channel.

This website and the underlying software has been developed by the people listed in the authors file.

The software this server runs on is publicly available at GitHub. The licenses and other information is contained within the git repository.