Porkman @ junethack2011 5 Games Played

Server Account


NetHack 3.4.3

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Competition Placing
Most ascensions 4 2
Fastest ascension (by turns) 33204 10
Fastest ascension (by wall-clock time) 11 h 2 m 2 s 4
Highest scoring ascension 292646 1
Lowest scoring ascension 250978 10
Most conducts in a single ascension 4 2
Longest ascension streak 4 1
reached the Quest portal level
Hoarder (ascended carrying all the invocation items)
bought an Oracle consultation
defeated a High Priest
Assault on Fort Knox (defeated Croesus)
defeated Medusa
defeated the Quest Nemesis
defeated Rodney at least once
defeated Vlad
did the Invocation Ritual
entered the Astral Plane
entered the Elemental Planes
entered Gehennom the front way

5 Games Played

Name Variant Server Points Killer Time (UTC)
porkman AceHack acehack.sovrappensiero.info 36012 killed by a blast of frost 2011-08-01 05:33
porkman AceHack acehack.sovrappensiero.info 250978 ascended 2011-08-01 00:06
porkman AceHack acehack.sovrappensiero.info 261802 ascended 2011-07-29 18:06
porkman AceHack acehack.sovrappensiero.info 292646 ascended 2011-07-27 07:02
porkman AceHack acehack.sovrappensiero.info 273970 ascended 2011-07-26 19:55

Ascended combinations

Variant Role Race Alignment Gender
AceHack Pri Hum Neu Mal
AceHack Wiz Orc Cha Mal
AceHack Hea Gno Neu Fem
AceHack Val Dwa Law Fem


No clan