Rules and scoring

No cheating on game servers account registered to the tournament (examples of cheating include hacking a server to add fake games, abusing PRNG vulnerabilities to predict the future state of a game, exploiting memory-corrupting bugs). If we catch you, we'll disqualify you. However, we don't consider some things such as pudding farming or bones stuffing to be cheating. Use common sense.

For this tournament, start scumming games are defined as games where the player escapes or quits within the first 10 turns. Such games are hidden on the games tables but are otherwise treated like normal games.

Streaks are sequences of non-overlapping games played on a single game server account, with no games in-between.

The score for competitions and clan competitions is calculated as follows:

  • Only the best game for each player is considered, for each category.
  • The first place player(s) get 4 points, the second place player(s) get 3 points, the third place player(s) get 2 points, and the remaining players get points according to the ratio of their best evaluated game to the winner(s)' best evaluated game.
  • In case of a tie, all the players with the same evaluation get the same amount of points; in the ranking, they're considered as one player.
  • Games with negative scores are discarded for the "lowest scoring ascension" competition.
  • The score for trophies is fixed - one point for each trophy; streak trophies are separate from their standard counterpart, the requirement for those is that all the requirements for the trophy are fulfilled in a sequence of ascensions on a single game server account. Achievement trophies yield equal fractions of a point according to how many achievements were obtained in the whole tournament.

    You can view a list of the available trophies and competitions here.

    Cross-variant trophies exclude NetHack 1.3d; the "Sightseeing Tour" trophy requires a game from each variant to be played for at least 1000 turns, or to finish with an ascension; the "Globetrotter" trophy doesn't require a full trophy for each variant - a single achievement out of the set for each variant is enough.

    The "No membership card" and "Too good for a brain" trophies are UnNetHack-specific.