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Achievements for FIQHack

There are 19 achievements tracked for FIQHack in the Junethack tournament.


entered Astral Plane

entered Elemental Planes

defeated a High Priest

performed the Invocation Ritual

defeated Rodney at least once

defeated Vlad

entered Gehennom the front way

defeated Medusa

defeated the Quest Nemesis

get accepted to the Quest

got an Oracle consultation

escaped in celestial disgrace

Assault on Fort Knox (defeated Croesus)

Hoarder (ascended carrying all the invocation items)

ascended without writing Elbereth

Too good for Vladbanes (ascended without defeating Vlad)

Too good for quests (ascended without defeating the quest nemesis)

Too good for... wait, what? How? (ascended without defeating Rodney)