NetHack Cross-Variant


Summer Tournament

Trophies and competitions



  • Walk in the Park: finish a game in half of the variants (played for at least 1000 turns).
  • Sightseeing Tour: finish a game in all variants (played for at least 1000 turns).
  • Backpacking Tourist: get a trophy for half of the variants.
  • Globetrotter: get a trophy for each variant.
  • Hemi-Stoner: defeat Medusa in half of the variants.
  • Anti-Stoner: defeat Medusa in all variants.
  • Prince of the World: ascend in half of the variants.
  • King of the World: ascend in all variants.

"All variants" means Vanilla NetHack, SporkHack, UnNetHack, AceHack, GruntHack, NetHack4, and DNetHack. NetHack 1.3d does not contribute to the completion of these trophies.

All Variants

These trophies apply separately to each variant (excluding NetHack 1.3d). Each is worth one point.
In variants with additional roles or races only 13 roles resp. 5 races (i.e. as many as in vanilla) must be ascended to achieve this trophy.

  • All conducts: follow each conduct in at least one ascension.
  • All roles: ascend a character for each role.
  • All races: ascend a character of every race.
  • All alignments: ascend a character of every alignment (the starting alignment is considered).
  • All genders: ascend a character of each gender (the starting gender is considered).
  • Ascension: ascend a character.
  • Achievement trophies

    For AceHack and NetHack4, the requirements are sometimes different. When applicable this is noted in parentheses next to the vanilla requirement.

    • get the Sokoban prize (get an Oracle consultation)
    • get the luckstone from Mines' End (get accepted to quest)
    • get the Bell of Opening (defeat the quest nemesis)
    • defeat Medusa
    • enter Gehennom (enter Gehennom the front way)
    • get the Candelabrum of Invocation (defeat Vlad)
    • get the Book of the Dead (defeat Rodney at least once)
    • complete the invocation ritual
    • get the Amulet of Yendor (defeat the High Priest of Moloch)
    • enter the elemental planes
    • enter the Astral Plane
    • Escapologist: escape in celestial disgrace

AceHack, NetHack4 and UnNetHack

  • Assault on Fort Knox: defeat Croesus
  • No membership card: defeat One-Eyed Sam (UnNetHack only)
  • Too good for quests: ascend without defeating the quest nemesis
  • Too good for Vladbanes: ascend without defeating Vlad
  • Too good for... wait, what? How?: ascend without defeating Rodney
  • Too good for a brain: ascend without defeating Cthulhu (UnNetHack only)
  • Hoarder: ascend carrying all the invocation items
  • Heaven or Hell: ascend in "Heaven or Hell" mode (monsters and player only have 1 HP) (Acehack and UnNetHack only)
  • Mini-Croesus: finish a game with at least 100,000 gold pieces (UnNetHack only)


  • That was the easy one: obtained at least one alignment key
  • Through the gates of Gehennom: obtained at least three alignment keys
  • Those were for replay value...: obtained all nine alignment keys
  • Round two goes to you: killed Lucifer on the Astral Plane
  • No budget for bribes: killed Asmodeus
  • Postulate Proven: killed Demogorgon, thereby proving the Lord British Postulate (if it has stats, we can kill it)

Nethack 1.3d

  • All Conducts Logo Ascension: ascend a character.
  • Achievements:
    • All Conducts Logo get crowned
    • All Conducts Logo enter Hell
    • All Conducts Logo defeat Rodney


All Variants

These trophies apply separately to each variant (excluding NetHack 1.3d).

  • Most ascensions
  • Fastest ascension (by turns)
  • Fastest ascension (by wall-clock time)
  • Highest scoring ascension
  • Lowest scoring ascension (not counting negative scores)
  • Most conducts in a single ascension
  • Longest ascension streak (non-overlapping games played on a single game server account with no games in-between.)

Clan Competitions Trophies

Each player of a clan contributes to the total clan score. Clans are ranked according to clan score.

First place is awarded 4 points, second place is awarded 3, 2 for third place. The remaining clans get points according to the ratio of their best evaluated score to the winner clan's best evaluated score.

In case of a tie, all clans with the same evaluation get the same amount of points; in the ranking, they're considered as one clan.

  • Most ascensions in a 24 hour period
  • Most ascended variant/role/race/alignment/gender combinations (starting)
  • Most logarithmic points
  • Most unique deaths (look here for unique deaths of played games)
  • Most variant/trophy combinations
  • Most Medusa kills
  • Most games with all conducts broken