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Achievements for UnNetHack

There are 76 achievements tracked for UnNetHack in the Junethack tournament.


entered Astral Plane

entered Elemental Planes

obtained the Amulet of Yendor

performed the Invocation Ritual

obtained the Book of the Dead

obtained the Bell of Opening

obtained the Candelabrum of Invocation

entered Gehennom

defeated Medusa

obtained the luckstone from the Mines

obtained the Sokoban Prize

escaped in celestial disgrace

Assault on Fort Knox (defeated Croesus)

Hoarder (ascended carrying all the invocation items)

ascended without writing Elbereth

Too good for Vladbanes (ascended without defeating Vlad)

Too good for quests (ascended without defeating the quest nemesis)

Too good for... wait, what? How? (ascended without defeating Rodney)

got an Oracle consultation

Mini-Croesus (finish a game with at least 25,000 gold pieces)

Better than Croesus (finish a game with at least 200,000 gold pieces)

Too good for a brain (ascended without defeating Cthulhu)

Heaven or Hell (ascend in 1 HP mode)

ascended in marathon mode

You Are War! (defeated Death, Famine, and Pestilence)

Demonbuster (defeated all demon lords and princes)

Viel Feind', viel Ehr' (defeated all Quest nemeses)

You already know the way (defeated all Quest leaders)

defeated Death

defeated Famine

defeated Pestilence

defeated Cthulhu

defeated the Wizard of Yendor

No membership card (defeated One-Eyed Sam)

Make War Not Love (defeated Aphrodite)

defeated Vlad the Impaler

No Further Knowledge Required (defeated the Oracle)

defeated the Executioner

defeated Durin's Bane

defeated the Watcher in the Water

defeated Asmodeus

defeated Baalzebub

defeated Demogorgon

defeated Dispater

defeated Geryon

defeated Juiblex

defeated Orcus

defeated Yeenoghu

defeated Lord Carnarvon, the Archeologist quest leader

defeated Pelias, the Barbarian quest leader

defeated Shaman Karnov, the Caveman quest leader

defeated Robert the Lifer, the Convict quest leader

defeated Hippocrates, the Healer quest leader

defeated King Arthur, the Knight quest leader

defeated Grand Master, the Monk quest leader

defeated the Arch Priest, the Priest quest leader

defeated Orion, the Ranger quest leader

defeated the Master of Thieves, the Rogue quest leader and Tourist quest nemesis

defeated Lord Sato, the Samurai quest leader

defeated Twoflower, the Tourist quest leader

defeated Norn, the Valkyrie quest leader

defeated Neferet the Green, the Wizard quest leader

defeated the Minion of Huhetotl, the Archeologist quest nemesis

defeated Thoth Amon, the Barbarian quest nemesis

defeated Tiamat, the Caveman quest nemesis

defeated Warden Arianna, the Convict quest nemesis

defeated Cyclops, the Healer quest nemesis

defeated Ixoth, the Knight quest nemesis

defeated Master Kaen, the Monk quest nemesis

defeated Nalzok, the Priest quest nemesis

defeated Scorpius, the Ranger quest nemesis

defeated the Master Assassin, the Rogue quest nemesis

defeated Ashikaga Takauji, the Samurai quest nemesis

defeated Lord Surtur, the Valkyrie quest nemesis

defeated the Dark One, the Wizard quest nemesis