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Achievements for notdNetHack

There are 32 achievements tracked for notdNetHack in the Junethack tournament.


entered Astral Plane

entered Elemental Planes

obtained the Amulet of Yendor

performed the Invocation Ritual

obtained the Book of the Dead

obtained the Bell of Opening

obtained the Candelabrum of Invocation

entered Gehennom

defeated Medusa

obtained the luckstone from the Mines

obtained the Sokoban Prize

escaped in celestial disgrace

Kroo's Bling (Acquire the dismal swamp completion prize)

Punishing Poplars (Acquire the black forest completion prize)

Snowplow (Acquire the ice caves completion prize)

Gillywhatnow (Acquire the archipelago completion prize)

Aameul & Hethradiah (Summon demogorgon with the forbidden ritual)

An Unknown Ritual (Perform the ritual of an unknown god)

Angry Librarian (Kill Illurien of the Myriad Glimpses)

Duo of Pain (Acquire both the silver key and the cage key)

Asmodown (Kill Asmodeus)

Demogorgone (Kill Demogorgon)

One Key (Acquire an alignment key)

Three Keys (Acquire three alignment keys)

Anarcho-Alchemist (Make every unique alchemy kit potion in a single game)

If The Shoe Fits... (Pay for an armorsmith service)

Not Pulling Punches (Land a punch with all 4 offensive mystic powers active)

Garnet Rod (Land a hit with a garnet tipped spear)

Chernobyl (Cast a spell 150% overloaded or higher)

Inked Up (Get a tattoo in The Sigil from Fell)

New Races. New Faces. (Ascend either a salamander, a symbiote, or an etheraloid)