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Achievements for dNetHack SLEX

There are 21 achievements tracked for dNetHack SLEX in the Junethack tournament.


entered Astral Plane

entered Elemental Planes

obtained the Amulet of Yendor

performed the Invocation Ritual

obtained the Book of the Dead

obtained the Bell of Opening

obtained the Candelabrum of Invocation

entered Gehennom

defeated Medusa

obtained the luckstone from the Mines

obtained the Sokoban Prize

escaped in celestial disgrace

That was the easy one (obtained at least one alignment key)

Through the gates of Gehennom (obtained at least three alignment keys)

Those were for replay value... (obtained all nine alignment keys)

No budget for bribes (killed Asmodeus)

Postulate Proven (killed Demogorgon, thereby proving the Lord British Postulate (if it has stats, we can kill it))

King of dNethack: Ascend a game with all the new races/roles in dNethack

Prince of dNethack: Ascend a game with half the new races/roles in dNethack

dNethack Tour: Played a game (at least 1000 turns) with all the shiny new races/roles in dNethack